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The UNM MTTC Cleanroom supports several microfabrication and MEMS processes, including

  • photolithography steps (resist spinning, softbake (hotplate/Blue M oven), contact exposure, bath developing, spin rinse drying, hardbake),
  • wet etch (dedicated KOH, SC1, SC2 and HF baths),
  • solvent /acid cleaning,
  • RIE plasma etch (single wafer), Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE, Alcatel model AMS-100-SDE),
  • Parylene coating,
  • diffusion processing (oxidation wet and dry, N-Dope and drive, P-Dope and drive, LPCVD silicon nitride deposition, LPCVD polysilicon deposition, LPCVD oxide deposition),
  • vacuum evaporator, five-source reactive-gas sputter system, E-Beam cure, forming gas diffusion,
  • CO2 critical dryer, ADT wafer dicer,
  • metrology (film thickness measurement, four-point probe, interferometer, microscopes, contact profilometer, and Phenom desktop SEM).


For a full list of available equipment and usage rates click here - MTTC Cleanroom Equipment


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