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Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology (RAIN) allows students to access and control microscopes, like FESEM-field emission scanning electron microscopes, and analytical tools, like EDS-energy (X-ray) dispersive spectroscopy, to look at nano-sized materials from the ease of classrooms, or even home computers, all across the country. Students control the tools over the Internet in real-time and with the assistance of an experienced engineer at the microscope advising over video conferencing software.

Click here to Schedule a Remote Access Session

Instructions for Remote location.

  • Please schedule a session using the RAIN scheduling system using the link provided above.
  • Select Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (UNM) from the list of participating centers.
  • You will be contacted by SCME with a confirmation email.
  • Select a sample from the provided list of samples or send your samples to SCME (Follow instructions for sample preparation)
  • Mailing Address:
    Matthias Pleil, SCME - Suite 235, 800 Bradbury Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Before beginning a session:
Please make sure you have the following before beginning a session.

  • Install ZOOM software on the computer.
  • Hardware required:
  1. Desktop or Laptop
  2. Webcam and microphone
  3. Speaker (for Classroom)
  4. Projector (Screen Share)

On the day of the session:

  • You will be provided with a session ID.
  • Open ZOOM software and Join the meeting using the provided Session ID.
  • Allow audio and video for the session.

Remote Control:
Request to gain remote access to use the SEM.

  • When the instructor gives access to control the screen, follow the instructions.
  • Click to start the remote control of the shared screen

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